Thursday, 31 January 2008

Teamsite 6.7.1 SP1 won't start

After installing Teamsite 6.7.1 SP1 on a Solaris 10 machine I tried starting the service to check out the new version. Sadly, the service wouldn't start, dumping a core and printing this message:

[crit] file vhost.c, line 190, assertion "rv == APR_SUCCESS" failed Abort - core dumped /app/teamsite/iw-home/iw-webd/bin/iw.webd start: iwwebd could not be started

In my case, adding "dns" to the "hosts:" line on /etc/nsswitch.conf solved the problem:

hosts: files dns

A little bee tells me that you can also edit /iw-webd/conf/iwwebd.conf.template and change "_default_" on the VirtualHost entry to "*":

<VirtualHost _default_:__IWWEBD_HTTPS_PORT__>


<VirtualHost *:__IWWEBD_HTTPS_PORT__>

I didn't try it but that's also the recommendation from an Interwoven's KB article (support account needed).

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