Sunday, 21 December 2008

Mytharchive: cannot burn a dvd

I've been playing with MythTV again. Configuring it still is a major pain in the arse - there seems to be something wrong with the channel scanner that throws you off the track. I think.

Anyway, after recording a few programs I wanted to burn a DVD. My first attempt failed because Mytharchive tries writing to /dev/dvd by default. I solved this problem by linking /dev/dvd to my DVD device.

Tried again and Mytharchive refused to enter the burn DVD menu, showing the error below:

Mytharchive: cannot burn a dvd, the last run failed to create a dvd

WTF? A bit harsh on the error flagging, I'd say. So after searching around I found some people with the same problem but none of the helpful people would tell how to clear the error. Here's what you do.

1. Quit mythfrontend
2. Open a command prompt and:

mysql -u root
use mythconverg;
update settings set data='' where value='MythArchiveLastRunStatus';
update settings set data='' where value='MythArchiveLastRunType';

3. Go back to mytharchive and try again. This time it will let you proceed to the DVD burn menus.

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