Friday, 23 November 2012

Linux driver file (PPD) for Fuji Xerox printers

The cheapskates at FX don't provide PPDs for Linux, even though they are the same as the MacOS files.

Now, opening apple's *.dmg files is surprisingly convoluted.  Here's a step-by-step guide to, hopefully, save you some time.

1. Download the MacOS ApeosPort IV drivers from Fuji Xerox's site.
2. Download dmg2img (I downloaded the source code for dmg2img and ran `make' - you guys rock!).
3. Convert the dmg file into an image:

./dmg2img ~/Downloads/fxmacprnps1208am105iml.dmg /tmp/out.img

4. Mount the obtained image:

sudo mount  -o loop /tmp/out.img /mnt/iso/

5. Use xar (yum install xar) to extract the pkg file:

cp /mnt/iso/Fuji\ Xerox\ PS\ Plug-in\ Installer.pkg /tmp/
cd /tmp && mkdir fx && cd fx
xar -xf ../Fuji\ Xerox\ PS\ Plug-in\ Installer.pkg 

6. Inside the extracted folders, locate and copy the Payload file with the PPDs:

cp ppd.pkg/Payload /tmp/Payload.cpio.gz

7. Gunzip the file and extract the cpio archive:

cd /tmp
gunzip Payload.cpio.gz
mkdir ppd && cd /tmp/ppd
cpio -id < ../Payload.cpio

8. Voilà! your PPD files are in Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/:

Fuji Xerox 4112 PS.gz          FX ApeosPort-IV C4475 PS.gz     FX DocuCentre-IV 7080 PS.gz
Fuji Xerox 4127 PS.gz          FX ApeosPort-IV C5570 PS.gz     FX DocuCentre-IV C2260 PS.gz
Fuji Xerox D110 PS.gz          FX ApeosPort-IV C5575 PS.gz     FX DocuCentre-IV C2263 PS.gz
Fuji Xerox D125 PS.gz          FX ApeosPort-IV C5580 PS.gz     FX DocuCentre-IV C2265 PS.gz
Fuji Xerox D95 PS.gz           FX ApeosPort-IV C6680 PS.gz     FX DocuCentre-IV C2270 PS.gz
FX ApeosPort 350 I  PS B.gz    FX ApeosPort-IV C7780 PS.gz     FX DocuCentre-IV C2275 PS.gz
FX ApeosPort 350 I  PS.gz      FX DocuCentre 450 I  PS B.gz    FX DocuCentre-IV C3370 PS.gz



Peter McInerney said...

On all the linux machines I've had configured for those printers I've just grabbed the RPM from here

The RPM provided is 32 bit only, however this hasn't stopped me yet

The current RPM file is

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing this guide.

A couple things were different for me:
I did the following

cd to your directory

dmg2img fxmacprnps1304bm105iml.dmg
sudo modprobe hfsplus
sudo mkdir /mnt/test
sudo mount -t hfsplus -o loop fxmacprnps1304bm105iml.img /mnt/test
cd /mnt/test

xar would not load with yum install xar.
downloaded xar-1.5.2
make install

and then follow on from your Step 5.

After I extracted the ppd I added .ppd to the end of it.

When I added the network printer I got some weird error:

Printer 'FUJI-XEROX-ApeosPort-IV-5070-2' requires the '/usr/lib/cups/filter//Library/Printers/FujiXerox/Filter/FXPSACEFilter' program but it is not currently installed. Please install it before using this printer.

Google didn't find anything for FXPSACEFilter so I opened the file with gedit. There were four lines in it relating to to the term. deleting the lines fixed the problem.

Thanks again!!!

simon black said...

even easier than using all those annoying dmg2 conversions, just use 7zip to decompress everything all the way down to the PPD .gz files. Wallah !

Anonymous said...

for Fuji Xerox Aperosport V C4475 in Ubuntu 12.04, I obtained the .deb file below and all works well.

John Locke said...
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Anonymous said...

This is the best article to get your printer working on linux. Great job for figuring this out and is still relevant 4 years later..

Anonymous said...

If you extract the paylod from plugin.pkg you can find /Library/Printers/FujiXerox/Filter/FXPSACEFilter and the other files it complains about

Dorklord said...

For Ubuntu 17.04, I use this and it worked like a charm :

tukushan said...

Printer driver for Ubuntu ® (64 bit) Ver.1.1.2-1 Overview (many models):

RPMs and 32-bit versions here:

tukushan said...

After installing the deb (see previous comment) I had to extract the ppd:

sudo gunzip -k /usr/share/ppd/FujiXerox/fxlinuxprint.ppd.gz

And then select that when adding the printer