Saturday, 6 November 2004

Philips DVP530 - Region Free

Not really about computer software, but I found it really useful, so I'm posting it here so other people can benefit. The guy at the store said the Phillips DVP-530 could play DVDs from any region, but at home I couldn't. The lady at the customer hot-line confirmed this, but the Internet helped me. Here's how to do it (taken from

Press "System Menu" key to enter Set Up menu.
- Move to "Preference Page" using arrow keys to the left or to the right.
- Press the following sequence in the remote control: 135566
- A menu indicating "Region Code" will appear.
- Change region using arrow keys to top or down. Region Code = 0 will play all regions.
- Press "System Menu" key to exit Set Up menu.

That's the second and last time Phillips deceives me (cheat me once shame on you, cheat me twice shame on me): the first was when I bought a stereo TV that doesn't have SAP (second audio program). Dumbfucks.

Hey, google! index this in portuguese, please: DVD Phillips DVP-530 (DVP530) tocar DVD de outras regiões, trocar região do DVD, trocar zona do DVD.

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