Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Could not find the domain controller for this domain

This one is still unsolved:

Got it while promoting a windows 2003 server to DC in another network. Sheesh. With a few cans on coke, lots of coffee and long hours sitting here I hope to have a post witht he answer.

PS: sorry for the long time without any posts.

Update 1 (22:43):
It seems to show the above error message rigth after doing this:

It's hard to see exactly what it shows right before the error message because all the steps take such a long time without showing any signs of progress. :(

Update 2 (00:58):
Beat the sucker! tomorrow I'll explain what the problem was. Well, actually I didn't find out what the problem is, but I did find a way to overcome it. Don't miss it!

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