Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Canon customer support stinks

Canon Australia took 13 days to answer a very simple question. They promised 2. If you are buying anything worth more than AU$50 I recommend choosing another vendor.

I wonder if they even read what people write on those support requests or just apply a bayesian filter to the user text. If that's the case it must be a really crappy implementation.

The request
Dear Thiago,

Thank you for your request : , written on Aug 8 2006 10:08PM Description : Hi. I noticed cian wasn't coming out because of the hue on printed photos. Nozzle checking confirmed cian was clogged. After doing several head cleaning operations (including deep cleaning) cian is still missing on pictures.
All ink levels are adequate (half or more than half full) and properly fitted in print head. I have printed perfect pictures before.
While I'm here, I also registered for my warranty but I'm not sure I supplied the correct serial number (I just picked one of the several number on the bottom of the printer). Should I take my printer to a service shop?

The response
Dear Thiago,

Thank you for contacting Canon CSCPO Technical Support.

A new event : "printer problem", written on Aug 8 2006 10:08PM, has been added in response to your request.

Perform head cleaning on the printer as per the user guide supplied with the printer. The printer will make shuffling noises. When it has stopped, repeat the head clean a total of 5 times. Print a nozzle check pattern. If the nozzle check is still incomplete, perform one deep clean.

Where this procedure does not correct the problem, the printer should be examined by a Canon Authorised Service Agent. A complete list can be found at http://www.canon.com.au/support/service_agents.html .

UPDATE [4/Sep/2006]:
it took them 3 weeks instead of the promised 3-5 days in the repair shop but they DID replace my printer free of charge.

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