Thursday, 14 September 2006 does dodgy business

Here's how to make money using the scam:

1. Tell the customers you have an upgrade for their BIOS.
2. Charge their credit card and then tell them you didn't, actually, have the upgrade.
3. Profit!

Their 1st email, saying they have an upgrade for my BIOS.

Thank you for your BIOS Upgrade inquiry and contacting, the Exclusive Authorized Upgrade and Support Center for Award BIOS. For nearly 20 years, we have constantly upgraded thousands of motherboards and developed new BIOS Upgrades for all the latest technology. Our BIOS Upgrades are specific to your PC and guaranteed to work on your system.

Based on the technical specifications you had submitted, we have an excellent BIOS Upgrade for your system. We have the brand new Award BIOS for your motherboard. The price is only $29.95 (U.S).

As always, any BIOS Upgrade carries our 100 % Guarantee of Satisfaction.

To view your system details that you had previously submitted, click here: View My System Details

The most notable features are:

  • Hard Drive Support up to 512GB* (48-bit Technology)

  • Windows XP Compliance for SP1 & SP2 (service pack)

  • Windows 2000 Compliance for SP3 & SP4 (service pack)

  • Windows ACPI 2.0* Compliance

  • Faster Intel and AMD CPU Upgrade Kit Support

  • Faster Input Output Speeds

  • Virtual technical support assistance

  • 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Facts You Should Know About

*not available for all PCs

We will email you with a link to download the latest Award BIOS upgrade for your specific system. The file to download will be a zip file (>500 K) that includes the binary, the necessary flash loader, and easy installation instructions. Plus, you'll have access to hundreds of BIOS FAQs online, and free e-mail based technical support. Telephone technical support is not available.

The price for this BIOS download is $29.95 (U.S.). You can place this order through our SECURE website:

Note: If you have trouble accessing our order form, you may purchase through our alternative shopping cart locations here:

Shopping Cart # 1

Shopping Cart # 2

You can read about more features here: BIOS Upgrade Features

Thanks in Advance,

Dennis Wilcox
Technical Representative
(toll free)
1-978-686-6468, Inc.
1538 Turnpike St.
North Andover, MA. 01845

Their 2nd e-mail, after I placed my order for the "excellent BIOS upgrade".

I'm sorry, but we don't have a newer BIOS for your motherboard. Your current BIOS has the latest revision already. At this time, we cannot offer you the BIOS Update Bundle. Feel free to check back six months down the road.

We needed to authorize the card for $29.95 when you had first placed the order. This is NOT a permanent charge.

Your credit card number has been destroyed and you will not be charged for this order.

In the mean time, if you are looking to stay up-to-date with all the latest drivers on your PC, feel free to use our driver update service,

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Dennis Wilcox
Technical Representative
(toll free)
1-978-686-6468, Inc.
1538 Turnpike St.
North Andover, MA. 01845

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